GSKM Music Services was formed to provide the full range of professional music preparation and production services to clients domestically and internationally.

We serve performers, composers, and organizations of all sizes and genres, from chamber ensembles to symphony orchestras.

As seasoned professional musicians with an eye for detail, we bring excellence, beauty, and integrity to our work.

Our mission is to manage your music from start to finish.


“During my 48 years of having been Music Director of numerous symphony orchestras, and Artistic Director of 2 opera companies…

-Joel Revzen, Artistic Director & Conductor, Cassical Tahoe

“I cannot overstate my appreciation for the outstanding service Krisha provides. Krisha works efficiently but with care …”

-Laura Hamilton, Concertmaster, Classical Tahoe

“I had the great pleasure of working with Krisha for two years at Festival Napa Valley, where she multitasked as music librarian for…”

– Charles Letourneau, Vice President & Director of Artistic Planning, Festival Napa Valley

“Gabriel is one of those rare individuals who has the personality and confidence to be a great conductor and an amazing capacity …”

-Alison Hu, Cellist

“To say that Gabriel Sakakeeny is a visionary would be a huge understatement.”

-Brian Damkroger, Stereophile Magazine, March 2011

Krisha Montmorency

– Music Librarian

The process of building a performance from its final programming decisions to a brilliant artistic conclusion requires skillful diligence, organized attention to detail, and a spirit of collaboration in service to the art as a whole. I consider it an incredible privilege to support world-class orchestras, conductors, principal musicians, and soloists as they bring joy and beauty to audiences everywhere.

With more than two decades of experience as an orchestral violinist, Ms. Montmorency intimately understands the music preparation needs of working musicians and conductors. Thorough and attentive, Ms. Montmorency takes the performer’s perspective when approaching music librarian services.

Currently serving as the Music Librarian for Classical Tahoe, Ms. Montmorency collaborates with musicians and conductors from the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Opera, Toronto Symphony, Chicago Symphony, and others. Clients include the San Francisco Ballet, California Symphony, Festival Napa Valley, and Sing for America Foundation.

Gabriel Sakakeeny

– Composer, Conductor, Producer, Orchestrator, Audio Engineer

I am deeply connected to what we as musicians care passionately about – that which underlies all our work in the orchestra world and motivates our desire to share great music with others. All of us, who have spent a significant amount of life energy serving Beauty through the art of music, share a profound desire to commune with something timeless and transcendental that can be experienced when we make great music together or work in service to that end. We are the most joyful and fulfilled when we can share that experience with others.

Mr. Sakakeeny is an internationally-recognized conductor, composer, and producer with a deep background in the arts and sciences. He is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Shepherd School at Rice University, as well as a co-founder and lead audio engineer for Jupiter Systems (now Antares Audio Technologies).

Mr. Sakakeeny has more than four decades experience conducting, composing, and arranging music for ensembles of all sizes across the United States and abroad. This background, combined with an engineer’s knowledge of music technology and acoustics enables him to bring a poetic, comprehensive perspective and results-oriented discipline to the projects he manages for clients.